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March 17, 2018

Good people who take the time to read this, we hope you are well, safe & prosperous in heart at least, if not wallet... Some updates from RS HQ:

* We were featured again on the Creator MIndset podcast with the wonderful Ariane Leanza Heinz; check it out on our YouTube channel, as Gaetano & Adonis discuss the making of our debut EP 'Immigrant'.

Listen to 'Immigrant' as part of the interview or via Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon & all other good streaming sites.

* We play our last ever Swiss show tonight at Mundwerk in Zurich! Doors are at 19:00. Thanks to the amazing people who have continued to support us in Switzerl...

January 12, 2018

In possibly the worst kept secret in recent times, we are happy to confirm our debut EP will be released January 19th! It's called 'Immigrant' & was engineered by Brian Virtue, who has previously worked with Audioslave, Filter & 30 Seconds To Mars. Above, is the artwork.

The track list is:

1) What A Day

2) Sleeper

3) Lights

4) Heart / Create

You can hear a preview of 'Sleeper' right now on The Jasta Show #319, & 'Heart / Create' plus an interview with singer Gaetano; on The Creator Mindset podcast on Jan 18th!

Available on Spotify, iTiunes, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora & all other well known streaming services. Also availa...

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