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New interview, last Swiss show & forthcoming video!

Good people who take the time to read this, we hope you are well, safe & prosperous in heart at least, if not wallet... Some updates from RS HQ:

* We were featured again on the Creator MIndset podcast with the wonderful Ariane Leanza Heinz; check it out on our YouTube channel, as Gaetano & Adonis discuss the making of our debut EP 'Immigrant'.

Listen to 'Immigrant' as part of the interview or via Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon & all other good streaming sites.

* We play our last ever Swiss show tonight at Mundwerk in Zurich! Doors are at 19:00. Thanks to the amazing people who have continued to support us in Switzerland since we started, whether it be working on a project with us, coming to a show, giving us constructive feedback, listening to our EP or even just being cool with us. We appreciate you all & tonight's show is dedicated to you, whether you are there or not. We have nothing but love for you.

Everyone who ignored, disrespected or dismissed us; go fuck yourselves.

* On March 23rd, we release our first official video! The official video for 'Sleeper' will be released on our YouTube channel & all other good video streamers! Eyes open for more details nearer the time!

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