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Thank You USA!

Our three week tour opening for Otep with the help of the Dropout Kings, through venues made famous by those who came before us, has now unfortunately come to a close. Everywhere we went, we made friends as well as fans & we can categorically say, the wheels will again be in motion soon for us to come back. Thank you to both bands for all their support, to everyone who was so enthusiastic about seeing us perform & all of those who made it possible. A special thank you also to the employees of Southwest & Alaska airlines who went above & beyond, as well as the promoters & local support bands at every venue.

And of course, we appreciate all the new members of our Ragdoll Sunday family; all our new fans who embraced our music & what we stand for into their hearts. We appreciate the incredible way in which you have embraced us.

So what's next for Ragdoll Sunday? Our first priority now is to start working on recording our long promised debut album, which we hope we'll have available for release next year; complete with supporting singles & videos & yes, another tour! Not gonna say more on the release date yet but 'next year'!

We're intending to get some limited edition physical copies of our debut EP 'Immigrant' which hit the Mexican iTunes charts last year printed in some form; CD or maybe even some vinyl. We're going to start working on a webstore, for people who want to get hold of these or any of our t-shirts. More on that once it's up & running.

They'll be some new pictures from the US tour in the 'Live Photos' section of the Gallery page of this very website up in the coming days.

Aside from that, thanks once again for accepting us into your hearts. Rest assured, we won't ever disappoint.

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