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2019 Update!

A big hello to all our supporters & friends around the world! We thought it might be time for a short update on what's going on in the Ragdoll Sunday camp.

If you've been following our social media, you'll see we've been busy in the studio recording for what will be our first full length record, due out later this year. Right now, we're hoping for an April / May release.

But no, that's not all. Expected before then will be the release of our remix EP 'Migrant', containing all new versions of each of the songs from our 2018 EP 'Immigrant', remixed along with some top class collaborators. We don't want to put a firm date on this yet but we'll say, it's very close to completion & will certainly be out before the full length. To stay up to date on the progress of this & the album, be sure to subscribe to our social media if you haven't already.

The keen eyed among you may have noticed a video appeared on our YouTube last week, titled 'Earth Helvetia Productions'. We thought we'd see who was paying attention but I can tell you now that this is the teaser for the second season of 'Ragdoll Sunday Tour Diaries'! Filmed through our jaunt across the US with Otep & Dropout Kings last year, every Wednesday will see a new episode of an eight part series on our YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed making them!

Y me alegra mucho decirles a nuestros increíbles seguidores en América Latina, que todos estos episodios han sido subtitulados en inglés y español! Los queremos a todos y esperamos que esto les ayude a disfrutar aun más de la serie!

As we have a new record coming out we are planning to tour again this year! But that's all we're going to say at this point!

We're also putting together a merch shop, which will have clothing & we're looking into physical copies of all our releases. The main thing is finding a shipping solution that works for all of you, so bear with us on this one.

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us this year. All of our fans from everywhere are really of the highest caliber & we truly are blessed to have you all, who walk with us in the RS family!

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