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Debut Album Announcement

Hello everyone, your RS crew here, having been busy polishing off our upcoming releases! Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram to see our teaser trailer for the forthcoming music video "Marching Lines", out this Friday 24th May 2019!

Also to come is the "Truth's Hate" video, which will be coming up on 7th June 2019, & both of these are taken from our debut album, the title of which we are happy to confirm as "Puritan"!

The videos will be out exclusively on YouTube & the album will be out on the 21st June 2019, across all major streaming networks.

It's a genuinely excellent album, solidifying ourselves as progressive punk rock in both sound & spirit, & exceeding even our own expectations. We stand for truth & have put everything we have experienced in life into what we genuinely believe to be the most original thing released in rock or metal for quite some time. This album is for those who struggle through & rise beyond. Let it inspire you to greater heights in your own journey.

While we won't be making any physical copies at this stage, if there's enough demand we'll absolutely do it! Thank you all for all your support until now!

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